Our Veterinary Hospital

Our hospital is designed with your pet in mind! Every detail is carefully thought out, from our record-keeping system to the bath sizes in our grooming salon.

Veterinary Technology

Keeping up with technology is a must in this day and age so we use a paperless system for our medical records which makes your appointment more efficient. This lets us easily access all records, weight history, medications, and all medical history with a click of a button. Along with paperless records we use a paperless post-it note system which eliminates phone calls and prescription requests from being missed by conveniently sending notes directly to a specific computer or multiple computers and users.

Spacious Exam Rooms

We have 4 exam rooms that are spacious to minimize stress in your pet by making them feel more comfortable and less claustrophobic. Each exam room has a computer and phone, with intercom system, to again make your appointment more efficient. In addition, the exam table in each room is adjustable to accommodate pets of all sizes.

Surgery Suite

Our sterile surgery suite is equipped with surgery tables that can lower, raise and tilt as needed. There are multiple anesthesia and oxygen units that are mobile to accommodate any procedure and patient. The large floor to ceiling windows not only allow the natural Arizona light in but also give passersby views of live surgical procedures.

Climate-Controlled Pet Boarding

We offer boarding for both our canine and feline patients in separate climate controlled areas. Our canine boarding facility consists of large runs with plenty of room to house multiple pet families in the same run together if preferred. Our feline boarders enjoy their own separate facility of condos with great views of the lovely outdoor desert landscape. Keeping our feline and canine boarders separate creates a peaceful and stress-free environment. The advantage of boarding your pet within our veterinary hospital is the reassurance that your pet is in good hands should anything unplanned occur.

Fully Equipped Grooming Salon

Our grooming salon includes bathing areas for both small and large pets and multiple dryer systems to accommodate multiple pets at one time. Having a grooming facility in our hospital allows our clients the ease of having their pet’s grooming and medical needs are taken care of together without having to make multiple appointments at multiple facilities. Also, we give our clients the option of having their pet bathed or groomed on their last day of boarding so that they go home looking and feeling clean.